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We are presently serving our Spring Menu
We are featuring fresh ingredients from Miller Plant Farm,
Perry Dell Farm as well as products
from other community farms in all of our entrees.
We also participate in the Buy Fresh Buy Local program allowing for fresher
ingredients in a "Farm to Table" culinary concept.

Aside from our regular menu, we also offer a weekly "Chef's Table" featuring
Chef George's seasonally designed daily menu as described by your server.
Some of these entrees are below.
Chef's table menu for the week beginning Friday April 18th.


Gluten Free Bruschetta
Toasted gluten free bread with basil tomatoes and sprinkled Parmesan.


Zuppa del Giorno 6.
Italian wedding soup 5.


Pesce del Giorno
Fresh salmon, paired with risotto and Chef’s
vegetables. Finished with a maple whiskey glaze.

Chicken Cacciatore
Braised chicken with peppers, onions, and fresh herbs in a tomato sauce over pappardelle pasta.

Swordfish Puttanesca
Fresh Swordfish paired with a Tabouli salad and
finished with a puttanesca sauce.

Wednesday Date Night Menu

Every Wednesday we offer a "Dinner for Two" menu.

(Your choice of one to share)
Mini Crab Cake Trio
mini crab cakes served over a Mediterranean remoulade.
Sauteed Mushrooms
Mushrooms sautéed in garlic, parsley, & Chablis wine,
topped with grated parmesan cheese.
Fried Risotto
Spheres of risotto fried and served over a banana pepper sauce..

(Your choice of one to share)
Fresh Trout
Pan seared Rainbow Trout with grilled artichokes and arugula.
Paired with wild rice risotto and finished with a hazelnut vinaigrette.

Crab Cannelloni
Fresh pasta sheets stuffed with Ricotta and Jumbo Lump Crab. Baked for a crisp finish and topped with a smoked marinara.

Veal Saltimbocca
Veal cutlets sauteed and baked with prosciutto & fresh mozzarella in a light
Madeira wine sauce. Served with a boursin potato cake.

House Made Rum Cake

-$40.00 Per Couple-
Please, No Substitutions


Classic Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce tossed in creamy Caesar dressing with anchovy fillets, hand cut
croutons & grated parmesan cheese. 8. Topped with grilled chicken. 15.

BLT Salad
Arugula, fried green tomatoes, and candied bacon with housemade ranch. 10.

Eggplant Caprese Salad
Sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese & basil
leaves, served Napoleon style, drizzled with a balsamic reduction
& extra virgin olive oil. With fried eggplant 14.

Beet Salad
Roasted beets tossed with mache, arugula, pistachio nuts,
& feta cheese. Finished with a walnut balsamic vinaigrette. 9.

Antipasti & Chef's Small Plates

Mini Crab Cake Trio
Trio of broiled crab cakes with a Mediterranean remoulade. 14.

Fried Risotto
Spheres of risotto fried and served over a banana pepper sauce. 7.

Scallop Crudo
Scallops cooked in fresh citrus. Served cold with oranges, grape tomatoes, and finished with lemon oil. 12.

Boursin Stuffed Shrimp
Jumbo Gulf shrimp stuffed with Boursin cheese and wrapped in prosciutto. Finished with a balsamic reduction drizzle. 14

Sautéed Mushrooms
Mushrooms sautéed in garlic, parsley, & Chablis wine,
topped with grated parmesan cheese. 10.

Victor's Cheese Board
Chef's seasonal selection of local cheeses & South Philadelphia
Italian Market cheeses & crostinis. 10. Add Italian Meats. 10.

Lamb Chops
Lollipop lamb chops grilled to medium served
over a spring mix & topped with a Balsamic reduction. 16.

Octopus and Artichokes
Grilled baby octopus and Roma artichokes over spring mix and finished with a cusabi sauce. 10

Flash fried, dredged in seasoned flour, tossed with parmesan and lemon zest.
Finished with a cherry pepper emulsion or a side of Victor’s Marinara. 9.


Presented with a House Insalata and Fresh Warm Bread. Choose a Caesar salad with anchovies for an additional 2.

Sea Scallops
Pan seared scallops with arugula, hazelnuts, and sage brown butter sauce.
Served over butternut squash raviolis. 28

Fresh Trout
Pan seared Rainbow Trout with grilled artichokes and arugula.
Paired with wild rice risotto and finished with a hazelnut vinaigrette. 27.

Filet Saltimbocca
8oz Fillet of beef tenderloin cooked to your liking. Baked with prosciutto and fresh
Mozzarella in a light Madeira wine sauce. Paired with Chef's vegetables and
a Boursin potato cake. 35.

Crab Cannelloni
Fresh pasta sheets stuffed with Ricotta and Jumbo Lump Crab. Baked for a crisp finish and topped with a smoked marinara. 25.

Salmon Pesto
Grilled salmon, served with Chef's vegetables and risotto. Finished with a
housemade pesto and a Balsamic reduction drizzle. 27.

Roasted Lamb Loin
Pan roasted lamb loins, served with beets, oranges, feta, and a mint salad
over smashed potatoes. Finished with a Balsamic reduction. 29.

Shrimp & Scallop Pesto
Jumbo gulf shrimp and sea scallops saut�ed with asparagus,
artichokes, roasted tomatoes & tossed with pine nuts. Served with Gluten Free
style pasta. Finished with a fresh basil pesto. 28.

Veal Saltimbocca
Veal cutlets saut�ed and baked with prosciutto & fresh mozzarella in a light
Madeira wine sauce. Served with a boursin potato cake. 26.

Chicken Marciana
Sauteed chicken breast with mushrooms, peppers, and onions.
Served in a Madeira wine sauce over linguini. 26.

Fruiti del Mar
Shrimp, scallops, calamari, clams, and mussels steamed in a saffron tomato sauce.
Served over linguini pasta. 29.

Surf and Turf
New York Strip and sauteed Jumbo Gulf Shrimp, served with a basil tomato pasta.
Finished with a scampi sauce. 34.

Chicken or Veal Parmesan
Sautéed chicken breast or veal medallions, topped
with marinara, Parmesan & Provolone cheeses,
then baked. Served with a side of pasta. Chicken- 20. Veal- 23.

Eggplant Parmesan
Seasoned with bread crumbs & fried golden brown, topped with marinara,
Parmesan & Provolone cheeses, then baked. Served with a side of pasta. 17.

Victor's Sauté
Sautéed roasted red peppers, Roma tomatoes,
artichokes, black olives, fresh spinach, and parsley, tossed with aglio & olio pasta. 18.

Hot Sausage D'Angelo
D'Angelo Bros. Italian hot sausage in our marinara
sauce, with peppers & onions. Served over Linguini pasta. 24.

Shrimp & Clams
Jumbo Gulf shrimp & little neck clams steamed in
either white wine sauce or red spicy clam sauce over a bed of
linguini pasta. 23. Add sea scallops 7.


Rum Cake
Yellow cake with a rum glaze. 5.

Cheese Cake
Creamy cheesecake with a graham cracker crust raspberry
sauce or chocolate sauce optional. 5.

Ball of dark chocolate & vanilla ice cream with a candied
sour cherry center dipped in chocolate sauce & frozen. 5.5

Amaretto Chocolate Torte
Bittersweet chocolate with almond & amaretto. Covered in Danish butter cookie crust.
Served with whipped cream & a shot of espresso.

Belgian Infused Crème Brule
Traditional vanilla crème brule
infused with a Belgian style beer. 8.

Cannoli Parfait
Pistachios, chocolate chips, and served with cannoli bites.

Ask your server for flavors

Appetizers and Salads

Flashed fried, cherry pepper emulsion or Victor's marinara 9.

Brie and Bella Bruschetta
Portabella mushrooms, brie cheese, and housemade pesto on fresh bread. 12

Boursin Stuffed Shrimp
Proscuitto wrapped jumbo Gulf shrimp stuffed with boursin cheese and a balsamic reduction. 14.

Eggplant Caprese
Fried eggplant, sliced Roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese & basil leaves, served over fresh
field greens paired with a balsamic reduction & extra virgin olive oil. 14.

Duck Confit Salad
Slow roasted pulled duck, arugula, field greens, dried figs, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a raspberry vinaigrette. 14

Grilled Caesar
Grilled wedges of Romaine hearts tossed in a creamy housemade Caesar dressing with anchovies & croutons. 8.

Mediterranean Salad
Proscuitto, provolone cheese & Genoa salami on a bed of Romaine lettuce, Roma tomatoes, black olives, onions, pepperocini peppers, artichokes, served with a house vinaigrette dressing. 14.

Autumn Salad
Roasted butternut squash, pine nuts, sun dried cranberries, fresh field greens, goat cheese, and honey poppy seed vinaigrette. 9.

Beet Salad
Roasted beets tossed with mache, arugula, pistachio nuts, & feta cheese. Finished with a walnut balsamic vinaigrette. 9.

The Maries
Grilled chicken breast paired with a mixture of grilled Chef's vegetables. Side of housemade peppercorn parmesan dressing. 12.

Soups and Sandwiches

served with chips and pickle, lettuce and tomato
replace chips with fries or side salad add 2.

Italian Wedding
cup~2.5 bowl~5

Zuppa del Giorno
cup~3.5 bowl~6

Hot Sausage D'Angelo
Grilled sausage, sauteed onions served in a fresh baked roll
with melted provolone cheese. 10.

Italian Hoagie
Provolone cheese, proscuitto, salami & pepperoni, baked with a fresh roll &
topped with balsamic onions & tomatoes. 10.

Eggplant Sandwich
Hand breaded eggplant, lightly fried, topped with marinara sauce &
melted provolone cheese served on ciabatta bread. 8.

Cheese Steak
Served on a fresh baked roll with melted provolone cheese,
marinara sauce & sauteed onions. Your choice of beef or chicken 9.

Meatball Sub
Housemade meatballs with provolone. 8.

Lunch Chicken Alfredo
Grilled chicken breast over a bed of pasta with housemade Alfredo

Creamy Pesto
Housemade creamy pesto sauced tossed with penne pasta

Ragu alla Bolognese
A ragu of beef, veal, and pork tossed with spaghetti. 13.

Cheese filled tri-color tortellini tossed with marinara. 12.

Chicken Salad
Our homemade chicken salad with lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese, rolled up in a cheddar wrap. 8.

Grilled Vegetable Wrap
Chef's assorted vegetables grilled with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lettuce, tomato, rolled up in a cheddar wrap. 9.

The Zach Wrap
Grilled chicken breast, proscuitto, provolone cheese, lettuce & tomato with a balsamic reduction. Rolled up in a cheddar wrap. 9.

Wines by the Bottle

Chateau Ste. Michelle Dry Riesling
Crisp, dry and refreshing, exhibiting fresh flavors of
white peach and mandarin orange with a clean finish.
Incredibly versatile food wine.

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc
A crisp Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand with
tropical fruit notes & a bright, fresh finish.

Louis Latour “Duet”
A delicate bouquet of white flower and fruit characterize
this wine. Fresh and refined with the roundness of Chardonnay
and the finesse of Viognier.

Sonoma Cutrer Ranches Chardonnay
A California Chardonnay with bright apple &
citrus fruit & toasty undertones.

Murietta’s Well, The Whip
A sophisticated yet approachable blend
of aromatic white grapes expressing full
bodied aromas of white peach,
baked apple, honey and butterscotch, with an
extended and balanced finish.

Conti Formentini Pinot Grigio
Fresh and full, smooth and round, this 100% Pinot Grigio has great complexity
and refinement

14 Hands Hot To Trot White Blend
Can’t decide on a white wine to start dinner
with, you’ve found it! A blend of Chardonnay,
Pinot Gris,& Viognier from Washington state this
outstanding wine is equally delicious as a start to
your meal as it is paired with grilled chicken, fish, or even risotto.

Haras De Pirque Sauvignon Blanc
A beautifully balanced, crisp and refreshing
Sauvignon Blanc offering lush fruit and minerality.
The winery produces organic fruit and is committed
to a carbon neutral footprint in one of the most beautiful
wine growing region sin the world also famous
for world class thoroughbred racehorses.

Eco Domani Pinot Grigio
Light bodied with tropical fruit notes, a pleasantly
soft palate and long finish.

Sparkling Wines & Champagne

Elmo Pio Asti Spumante
A classic sweet sparkler with bright fresh,
bubbles & notes of grapes, apple
& sweet fruits.

Martini and Rossi Prosecco Split
Soft hints of pear & citrus fruit
with a bubbly finish.

Korbel Brut Split
Bright fruit notes & clean dry finish.

Martini & Rossi Asti Split

Freixenet Cordon Negro
Crisp, dry & smooth

Wines by the Bottle

Don Miguel Gascon Malbec
Incredibly lush, purple-hued red wine. A great wine
for peppery steaks & chops, or rich Mediterranean fare.

Louis M. Martini Cabernet Sauvignon 2007
Fresh ripe flavors of back cherry, currant and spice.

J. Lohr Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon
A powerful Cabernet from Paso Robles; it has rich cassis
and black fruit flavors and a clean, long finish.

Masi Campofiorin
A deeply rich wine with cherry and berry fruit flavors and earthy, floral
undertones; with a long ripe finish.

Allegro Claret
A special blend of Cabernet Sauvignon,
Cabernet Francand Merlot. Lively on the palate and full of bright aromas.

Graffigna Centenario Malbec
Complex dark berry aromas highlighted with delicate black pepper and toasted notes.
Well integrated tannins, round body and long finish.

Petra Ebo
Super Tuscan, oak aged with earth tones
& plums.

Sangiovese Di Toscana Baroncini
Light bodied, with hints of cherry.

Sterling Vintner’s Collection Meritage
A delicious layered blend of Cabernet Sauvignon,
Merlot, Malbec and Petit Verdot with intense berry, plum and cherry notes.

Veramonte Primus ‘The Blend’
Ripe and full-bodied with dark cherry, cassis and raspberry notes.
Layers of spice, coffee bean and licorice linger on the savory finish. (WS Top 100

Parducci Pinot Noir
A lighter style with bright cherry notes & a hint of spice.
Pairs wonderfully with lighter meats & tomato sauces.

Ritual Pinot Noir
A rich & unctuous wine made by a master, Paul Hobbs.
One of Wine Spectators top 100 wines. Strong & finessed
with bright rich fruit & a long lived finish.

Bogle Phantom
Fantastic blend of Old Vine Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, & Old Vine
Mourvedre. Notes of Boysenberry, black pepper,
& hints of vanilla & clove.

Ridge Zinfandel York Creek
This blend of Zinfandel & Petit Sirah is proof of what the varietal
can do in the hands of an artist. Paul Draper, the wine maker has
blended the two to create a bold red that is powerful but has a
great finesse with hints of ripe berries, toast, butter, leather, & oak.

Cavicchioli Lambrusco
This well balanced red features layers of juicy ripe
black cherry and black current fruit with fragrant herb
accents. A little bubbly and slightly
sweet, perfect with antipasti.

The Federalist Zinfandel
Hand-crafted Dry Creek Valley zinfandel with bright
berry fruit character, and lively acidity allows it to
partner well with a wide variety of foods.

Columbia Crest Shiraz
A little bit of spice, a little bit of fruit, & a lot
of flavor characterize this Shiraz.

Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon
A California classic & one of the most recognized &
highly rated wines on lists world-wide. This Alexander
Valley wine from Sonoma County is lush & fruit driven with
a perfect tannin balance & a roller coaster of flavors on the palate.

Baron Ricasoli Chianti
Quality & an amazing wine from the 4th oldest operating family business in the world & the same Baron who is credited with creating the “recipe” for Chianti. This wine is a perfect representation of the old world Italian style with just enough fruit to balance out its earthy pepperiness & lean minerality. It will work with food from the Tuscan region, but if you’re eating Italian it will be hard to go wrong with anything.

Santa Carolina Merlot
100% Merlot & from the Central Valley of Chile.
Rich and jammy with hints of fresh baked bread
& pie crust it’s an amazing example of a Chilean wine value.

Scotch Whisky

Laphroaig 10 single malt
Macallan 12 single malt
Highland Park 12 single malt
Glennfiddich 12 single malt
Glenlevit 12 malt
The Balvenie 15 single malt
Dewars 12 blended


Jack Daniels Tennesse Whiskey
Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey
Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon
Makers Mark

Bottled Beer Selection


Amstel Light


Bud Light
Michelob Ultra
Coors Light
Miller Lite
Rolling Rock
Sierra Neveda Pale Ale
Sam Adams


Old Fashion
Woodford Reserve® Bourbon, Fee Brothers® West Indian Orange Bitters, muddled orange and an Amarena® cherry served on the rocks with a splash of club soda.

Agro Amaretto
DiSaronno® Amaretto, Gentleman Jack® Bourbon, and fresh citrus served on the rocks with a twist of lemon and an Amarena® cherry.

Perfect Manhattan
Gentleman Jack® Tennessee Whiskey, Martini & Rossi® Vermouths, and Angostura® Bitters served up or on the rocks with a twist.

Dark and Stormy
Gosling’s® Black Seal Rum and ginger beer served on the rocks with lime

Pimms Cup
Pimm's No. 1 and ginger ale, on the rocks with a twist of lemon and
a cucumber slice for a taste of the gilded age.

Dad’s Hat® Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey, Angostura® Bitters, muddled sugar cube,
a splash of Kubler® Absinthe and a twist of
lemon. Served in a chilled old fashioned glass.

Moscow Mule
Stolichnaya® Vodka, fresh lime, and ginger beer.

Tito's Basil Gimlet
Tito’s® Handmade Vodka with fresh basil and lime,
served up in a chilled cocktail glass.

The Green Fairy (Kubler Absinthe)
Legalized and using the same secret recipe of years past, we serve it
traditionally with a sugar cube, absinthe spoon and fountain tableside.

Victor's Traditional

A selection of cocktails; some created and some recreated over the years.

Cachaҫa sugar cane rum, muddled limes and sugar served on the rocks

Victor's Cosmopolitan
A modern twist on a classic: SVEDKA® Clementine, Cointreau®, Chambord®, fresh lime, and cranberry
served up in a chilled cocktail glass.

St. Honore 75
St-Germain® elderflower liqueur, fresh lemon juice,
topped with brut champagne

Victor's "Front Pew" Margarita
Herradura® Reposado Tequila and fresh citrus served up
in a chilled cocktail glass. Topped with a Grand Marnier®
and Fee Brothers® Peach Bitters foam and finished with Black Hawaiian Sea Salt.

Victor's Lemon Drop
SVEDKA® Citron, Villa Massa® Limoncello, and fresh lemon juice served up
in a sugar-rimmed cocktail glass

Victor's Sangria
Fresh citrus and an Amarena® cherry with lambrusco, brandy, and orange liqueur topped with a splash of lemon-lime soda.

Spirited Coffees and Hot Teas

White Chocolate Indulgence
A blend of Licor 43 and Godiva white chocolate liqueur and hot coffee topped
with house made whipped cream and a dusting of cacoa.

Victor's Cappuccino
A combination Van Gogh Espresso Vodka, espresso, blended with steamed milk and cinnamon.

The Highland Tea
St. Germaine Elderflower Liqueur, Highland Park 12 Scotch, Honey and Hot chamomile tea.

Tuscan Sun
Domaine Canton Ginger Liqueur, Villa Masa Limoncello, honey and Hot chamomile tea.


Licor 43
Cointreau Noir
Gran Marnier

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