Victor’s Bocce League

All BOCCE PARTICIPANTS AND SPECTATORS: Please remember that you may not carry an open container anywhere in the parking lot! You must keep it within the area directly surrounding the court, and the walk way to patio. Thank you! This is the LCB law.

Welcome to the 2018 Victor’s Bocce League.

bocce22We are looking forward to another great summer of play culminating in our end of season tournament and party.  We are excited to have 6 flights of 10 teams each.  Each team will play 9 teams in their flight during the regular season.  Rolloffs/Playoffs will be played the week before the final tournament. Please start scheduling your games. Y should have received your scheduling instructions and link, do not wait until August and try to play all your games in three weeks, between bad weather and other’s vacation schedules this does not work.  Call or email the other teams in your flight to schedule, and then record it on the Bocce Schedule in Google. Come in early before a scheduled match or hang out after a match and schedule your next match/matches using the wireless network at the restaurant. Ask your bartender for the password.  Please do not contact the restaurant to schedule or change matches.  Please do not put your name on the schedule unless you have a definite match scheduled, you may not “hold” time slots without an opponent.  If your plans change for the time you signed up, please remember to take yourself off the schedule to allow others to play at that time. Weather cancellations are to be agreed upon by both teams in advance or at the time of play. Use common sense when deciding to play on poor weather days. If the court is soft and you are leaving footprints, please reschedule. Balls and the Bocce Binder are located with the bartenders. When you are finished playing please return the balls and the binder to the bartender and hand your scorecard to the bartender separately so it can be recorded.  Scores are posted weekly on the boards posted in the bar.

There is a copy of Victor’s Bocce House Rules and “Bocce” Step-by-Step How to Play the Game Bocce and Rules in the Bocce Binder.  If you have any other questions Mark, Marie, and the staff will be glad to assist you.


Happy Rolling!!!!


To show our appreciation and thank you for joining our summer bocce league we would like to invite you to dine with us before and/or after your matches.  On “game” days, please inform your server that you have a scheduled match and the food portion of your check will be discounted 20%.  Thank You!


boccetallVictor’s Bocce House Rules

ALL alcoholic beverages must be purchased at Victor’s. No exceptions!!

The court closes at 11:00PM in consideration of our neighbors.

You MUST sweep the court after games and after practice.

Broom is located in Bocce Shed. Drag broom upside down.




  1. Only one player on the court at a time during play.
  2. NO coaching from the side lines.  Players may coach his/her partner.
  3. Both feet must be inside the court when rolling.
  4. Player rolls ball exact distance from jack as opponent~ last person to roll, rolls again.
  5. Player rolls wrong color ball……replace it with his/her ball.
  6. Jack ball out of court…..restart frame.
  7. If Jack ball doesn’t land in play area (between red and white sights) on initial roll player gets one additional try before opponent gets to roll. If opponent misses twice original player places ball anywhere in play area.
  8. If ball hit’s back wall of court without touching another ball the ball is removed from play.
  9. If both players closest balls are equidistant to the jack ball at the end of the frame no score is tallied and play continue at the other end of the court.
  10. Season matches…..11 points. You don’t have to win by 2 points, winner is first to 11 at the end of the frame.
  11. Play off matches…..9 points.  You must win by 2 points.
  12. Championship matches…..11 points.  You must win by 2 points.
  13. Only two (2) subs allowed during regular season play.  NO subs are allowed for the playoffs and championship. *Exception* Player is unable to finish the season due to physical disability and you have a permanent sub.
  14. Losing team sweeps the court with broom upside down.
  15. Coin toss winner rolls 1st and picks ball color.
  16. Players that do not finish the season are not eligible to play next season.
  17. Forfeit determined when match is scheduled and opponents are more then 10 minutes late without a phone call.
  18. Unplayed matches receive zero (0) points….exception~ forfeit.
  19. Bocce Committee will settle questionable matters.